Hello to anyone that is reading this. You might have noticed, but I haven’t been as active as I wished. My goal was to post at least once each week. Instead, I’ve been posting around once each month. There are 2 reasons for this.

1) I’ve gotten bored with WordPress. I’m not really sure if it’s the kind of site that I desire, and I’ve gotten bored with it. I enjoy all the themes, but there aren’t that many themes that I enjoy.

2) I’ve gone to tumblr. My tumblr blog is steven-strickland.tumblr.com. I’ve loved tumblr so far, and the features are just aesthetically pleasing to me. I like the posting system, and the themes are marvelous. There are also a surplus of tumblr themes, as far as I’ve seen. I’m not sure how much, but I believe there were more tumblr themes than wordpress themes.

That’s all, and if you enjoy my posts or would like to see some of my posts, please go to steven-strickland.tumblr.com.