Back to the future
A service has been invented through which you can send
messages to people in the future. To whom would you send
something, and what would you write?

If a service was invented that allowed me to message people in the future, I wouldn’t send a message at first. All I would do is gasp for an exaggerated period of time.

And after my gasping is done, I would struggle for air. And after I struggle for air, I would send a few messages, instead of just one.

The first message would be to my future self. I would send a message saying, “Does this actually work? If so, how is life? Do I end up becoming famous?”

And then if I received no message, I would send a message to myself in a time before the time I sent the first message to, saying, “Are you still alive? What’s happened?”

If I did receive a message back, I would continue to chat with my future self. I would decide to make a long message.

“Hey, I don’t think you’re going to live much longer,” I would say. “Do what you want to do, as long as it’s nothing bad. Try to be safe. Enjoy your time, but don’t do a bunch of stupid stuff that will get you killed.

Also, be brave. You know the song, ‘Brave’, by Sara Bareilles. You’re probably struggling to remember it. Don’t worry, just look it up on YouTube. Or whatever video viewing website you have. Do you have holograms and stuff, where you think of something in your mind and it projects it?! That would be so cool!

Tell me about your relationship with people. Do you get along with your family? Are you still nice to people, or are you anti-social?

Finally, tell me about the technology and stuff. Do you own a camera, and if so, what kind of cameras are there? Are they really advanced, and have like 3640p? That’d be so cool! Can you send me a picture if you have a camera?

That’s all for now. If you wanna send me any extra stuff, feel free to. I wanna know all about your life.


Steven Strickland”

I would anticipate the answer for a while. I would brag about my life to my friends if I became successful, and if I weren’t successful, I would be upset. I think I would change all my dreams and work on other stuff, but then again, wouldn’t I have already done that, and then ended up unsuccessful? If I failed in the future, no matter what I do, I will be unsuccessful.

That would be really cool if they could make that, but nearly impossible. I doubt scientists a lot. They think they can make people immortal, but really, they’d probably shrivel up and die at like 200.

I hope to continue this series. Stay tuned for more!