I was trying to do the zerotohero challenge. I had it all set up. I even did the first post. But then I started making other projects. For example, I just set up another website, and I was going to learn JavaScript and jQuery. These things distracted me.

Anyways, I decided to take a look at my old blog, thatrobloxkid. I think about adding a new post every once in a while, to explain what I’ve been doing, but I’ve never gotten around to it.

Then, I remembered my other blog. This blog. I decided to add a new post to it. Which would be this post. The only reason I was going to add a new post was because I really liked how the blog looked, just the theme I chose, and also I was already logged in. I thought I was logged into thatrobloxkid, so I went to new post, and saw jophnist instead of thatrobloxkid. That’s how I got to this blog other than seeing my old blog.

I learned some basic html and css. Not enough to make a website looking as nice and fancy as this, but still good enough to make a fully functioning website. Who knows, maybe I’ll get really good at it and make a professional looking website, with animations and stuff.

That’s pretty much all that has happened. And school has started. I guess that didn’t stop me from blogging before, but we’ve been taking a ton of tests. Even our teacher says they’re making us do too many tests, but I think she’s just trying to make us feel better.

I might add more posts, but then again, I tried to do that earlier and only got about 5 posts done.

See you later. Or not.